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New Work on Exhibit: Keystone Art in Rotation Program at the APX Building, Morristown, New Jersey. July 12, 2018 – July 30, 2019 * Exhibit Extended

New, large-scale work is currently on view in the main lobby of the APX Building, 412 Mt. Kemble Ave, Morristown, New Jersey. This exhibit, presented by the Keystone Art in Rotation program, will feature my work from July 12, 2018 through July 30, 2019* This show has been extended. End date is currently to-be-determined.  The APX Building is a corporate campus located 45 minutes from Manhattan, open Monday through Friday.

In a Dimly Lit Room (48″ x 36″, Oil and Graphite on Wood Panel) and Shadow Flowers (48″ x 26″, Oil and Graphite on Wood Panel) on exhibit at the APX Building, Morristown, NJ

Requiem (triptych) and Dusk (36″ x 36″, Oil and Graphite on Panel)

Rust & Rain (48″ x 36″), Blue Gust (24″ x 24″), Dust & Bone (24″ x 24″), Wind River II (24″ x 24″), all Oil and Graphite on Wood Panel

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‘Land Marks’ Through June 17th, 2017 at West Branch Gallery

L   A   N   D        M   A   R   K   S  

J  A  N  E  T     F  R  E  D  E  R  I  C  K  S      &      M  I  C  H  A  E  L  A     H  A  R  L  O  W

W E S T     B R A N C H     G A L L E R Y     &     S C U L P T U R E     P A R K

M A R C H    2 5    –     J U N E     1 7 ,     2 0 1 7

O P E N I N G     R E C E P T I O N:    M A R C H    2 5 th ,    2 0 1 7     6  –  8  P. M.

1 7      T O W N E      F A R M      L A N E

S T O W E ,    V E R M O N T

Two Vermont artists explore abstract landscapes on macro and micro scales in a variety of mediums, pushing references to the natural environment behind graphic mark-making.


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Three New Paintings Included in Upcoming, Juried Exhibit, “Flight: Explorations in Movement, Migration, and Freedom”

REQUIEM-FOR-SYRIA-4-Khaled-Akil-WEB-e1455917255494 Requiem for Syria #4 by Khaled Akil, Fine Art Paper Print, 75 cm x 90 cm

I am honored to share news that three of my pieces, including ‘Migration’, have been selected for inclusion in the upcoming, juried exhibit, “Flight: Explorations in Movement, Migration, and Freedom”, April 2 – June 26, 2016, at West Branch Gallery and Sculpture Park. The exhibit opens with a reception on April 2, from 8 – 8 p.m., and will include works by Syrian artist, local students and gallery artists.

Read more about this special show and the Syrian people it benefits, on the West Branch Gallery Blog, here.

Michaela Harlow, Migration, 2016, Oil and Graphite on 2 x 4 wood panel

‘Migration’, 2016, Michaela Harlow, Oil and Graphite on 24″ x 48″ Wood Panel

S  O  L  D 

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An Afternoon with Alma Thomas at the Tang

Michaela Harlow at the Alma Thomas exhibit, Tang Teaching Musueum and Art Gallery, Skidmore College, NYMaking notes at the Alma Thomas exhibit, Tang Teaching Museum (photo: Kelly Smith)

I’ve been in and out of many exhibits this winter, and although I’ve enjoyed all of them, Alma Thomas at the Tang Teaching Museum has been, far and away, my favorite thus far.

Although a relatively small show, the exhibit presents early works and late works in sequence. Thomas’ pivotal ‘Yellow and Blue’ 1959 —the decisive shift from figuration to abstraction— greets with saturated intensity at the entry. I was delighted to finally see a small grouping of the artist’s watercolors and other works on paper. Of course, as an artist, I longed for more. So much work begins with jotted notes and gestures.

Alma Thomas Exhibit, Tang Musueum, Skidmore. Michaela HarlowIn the exhibit entrance, Alma Thomas’ ‘Yellow and Blue’, 1959 and the commitment to abstraction.

Alma Thomas Exhibit, Tang Musuem, Michaela Harlow Alma Thomas, Untitled Watercolor (1960-1978)

I was thrilled to experience the exhibit on a quiet, Sunday afternoon; a day with few visitors to block the view or break my contemplative state with disruptive chatter. With no pressures on my time, I lingered long and experienced fully. Grateful.

My love for Alma’s late work really knows no bounds. In addition to her mastery of color, form, rhythm and motion —all thrilling when experienced in a room filled with these large canvases— Thomas’ use of the aerial perspective has always been unusual and captivating to me. It’s this omniscient point-of-view, I believe, that first attracted me to her work, years ago. Gazing upon ‘White Roses Sing and Sing’, ‘Cherry Blossom Symphony’ and ‘Scarlet Sage Dancing a Whirling Dervish’, I am swept back to a childhood afternoon in Mexico; head hanging over a bridge, mesmerized by fallen flower petals, dancing and swirling in the green current below.

Alma Thomas Exhibit, White Roses Sing and Sing, Tang Museum, Skidmore. Michaela Harlow Alma Thomas, ‘White Roses Sing and Sing’, 1976, Acrylic on Canvas

Alma Thomas exhibit, Tang Museum, Michaela Harlow ‘Scarlet Sage Dancing a Whirling Dervish’, 1976, Acrylic on Canvas

Alma Thomas Exhibit, Tang Museum, Michaela Harlow ‘Cherry Blossom Symphony’, 1973, Acrylic on Canvas

And with this exhibit opening near winter’s end, it will likely be my last museum visit for awhile. I have a few art-centric trips planned for March, but my landscape design schedule is filling up.

Good to end with such a vibrant crescendo. Thank you to the Tang Teaching Museum, Skidmore College and of course, Alma Thomas.

Alma Thomas Exhibit, Tang Museum, Skidmore. Michaela Harlow Alma Thomas, Late Work at the Tang Museum

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