On Exhibit: ‘Sense of Place’ in Brattleboro, Vermont

D E C E M B E R    1 7,    2 0 1 6  –  J A N U A R Y  6,    2 0 1 7 


S E N S E    O F    P L A C E

1 1 8    E L L I O T

C U R A T E D    B Y    L I S A     M E N D E L S U N D    &    C O L L I N    L E E C H

D E C E M B E R    1 7,    2 0 1 6    –    J A N U A R Y    6,    2 0 1 7

G A L L E R Y    H O U R S :    F R I D A Y  &  S A T U R D A Y,   2  –  6   p . m .

R E C E P T I O N :    J A N U A R Y    6,    2 0 1 7      6  –  1 0   p . m .

1 1 8     E L L I O T    S T R E E T

B R A T T L E B O R O,    V E R M O N T

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Field Notes & Botanical Sketches Continue

Michaela Harlow, Botanical Sketches l

Wow. It’s been awhile since my last post, though things have been quite busy in and out of the studio. I’m actually going to back-date this entry, because I have some catch-up to do and I want to get some current things in over the weekend. Lately, due to ease of use, I find myself uploading studio snap shots —work-in-progress as well as completed pieces— to Instagram far more frequently than here on my studio journal —a bad habit I aim to break. Social media platforms change quickly, and the same algorithms and advertising that is driving users from Facebook are now being applied to their acquisition, Instagram.

So far, the best way to share across platforms, at least in the long term, remains the blog. Time consuming though it may be, I think this is where I will refocus my energy.

Botanical sketches and landscape-inspired field notes continue in and out of the studio. On rainy days or when the black flies drive me indoors, I resort to quick notes or even an iPhone photo to jog my memory. I’ll post more of these over the coming days. Some will remain in a folder of ideas, some may be matted and offered for sale and a few may just lead to new, large-scale pieces. The idea is always to keep the process moving and allow everything.

Michaela Harlow, Botanical Sketches ll

Michaela Harlow, Botanical Sketches

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Shadow Petals

Michaela Harlow, Shadow Petals, 2016. Oil and Graphite on Wood Panel

 Shadow Petals, 2016, Oil & Graphite on 24″ x 24″ Wood Panel

Thunderstorms roll grey clouds past the big windows. Endlessly compelling distractions. Things like love and beauty have shadows in them. They’re complicated.

Michaela Harlow, Shadow Petals in Process, 2016

Shadow Petals in Progress

April is an unsettling month. The earth feels like its moving. Things are getting stirred up. The natural world is restless. So am I.

Michaela Harlow, Studio, Dark Flowers Like storms, distractions always pass.

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Days Between Stations

Michaela Harlow, Winter Sings a Song to Springtime, in the studioJPG‘Winter Sings a Song to Springtime’ 

Last week was a busy one with garden design work and meetings. I did manage to get in a few walks and sketches, but my painting stations were paused.

Drying time.
Michaela Harlow, Rain at South Pond, in the studio Rain at South Pond, drying time

Michaela Harlow, Still Life with Frozen Branches, in the studio Still Life with Frozen Branches, and a roll of canvas awaits priming

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