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A window into the ice painting process, continued…


An update on the ice painting, as I continue work on the second piece in this series. The debris, (branches, bits of pine cone casing and needles), and the ice itself form interesting organic shapes and loose geometric patterns frozen in water.  The paintings, inspired by close examination of the ice, are comprised of many layers.  I have several pieces going at once, reworking them as they dry.  I began by sketching out the linear shapes in oil bar over transparent washes on the panel.  From there I painted in the colorful chips, (inspired by the debris), and semi-opaque layers of white-washed oil bar and oil paint.  I notice the ice forms change daily… sometimes clear and sometimes milky.  The most beautiful appear to be a combination of both. Looking at the ice each day as it changes, I am reminded of a kaleidoscope, with shifting pieces of colored glass.

 For a larger view of this second piece in progress, click on the thumbnail below… 


(ice painting two, 24″ x 24″, oil on panel)



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