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Thirty in Thirty. Day Nine: “Frozen Time”

“Frozen Time”  ⓒ  2011  Michaela Harlow –  (16″ x 16″ – Oil and Oil Bar on Panel)

“Frozen Time”  – Detail: Lower Left Corner

“Frozen Time” Detail: Side Edge of Panel

“Frozen Time” Detail: Lower Right Corner

“Frozen Time” belongs to the Ice Painting series. Do these paintings seem very abstract? Walk into a winter forest and find a frozen pool of water. Look into the layers of ice. What do you see? I see bits of the past and bits of the future: torn leaves, hulls, pine needles and other autumn remnants, as well as seeds that will germinate in spring. White cracks and black fissures criss-cross —forming random patterns throughout the layers of ice— and sun light plays off the melted surface. When I look long and close, most things eventually become abstract. As I step back, and reflect upon the whole, I give the picture meaning.

Click on the above image —“Ice Painting II” ⓒ 2009 Michaela Harlow— to visit the gallery of work on panel.


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