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Thirty in Thirty. Day Ten: Reflections & A Look at Texture…

Lower Left Corner – New Work in Progress

Day Ten – New Work in Progress – (12″ x 12″ Oil and Oil Bar on Panel)

So, here we are: day ten of Thirty in Thirty. One third of the month has passed, and I’ve posted ten entries in ten days. I’m pretty excited by how the rhythm of daily journaling has affected my work in the studio. To begin with, I’ve altered my studio hours. In the past, I have been more inclined to paint in the late afternoon/evening than in the morning hours. But —given my desire to post a studio image here every day— I’ve been struggling with the limited hours of daylight. Because of my commitment to Thirty in Thirty, I now start to work earlier, and end my work day before dark. I like it. Maybe these new winter work hours will stick.

Today’s piece isn’t quite finished —and the title isn’t definite— but I decided to post it up anyway, because it’s pretty close to complete. I’ve posted a close-up of the texture because, like yesterday’s piece “Frozen Time”, this one has a number of layers and colors involved. You can’t really see that in a straight shot. Sometimes, I have to stop because the painting is asking for something I can’t give it; in this case because it’s too wet, and I’m too tired. We both need a rest.


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