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Thirty-in-Thirty, 2013

Thirty in Thirty 2013January 1st marks the beginning of Thirty-in-Thirty, an annual, self challenge. The idea is to maximize studio time during the month of January, when I am able to devote myself, exclusively to my artwork. Of course there are 31 days in January, which gives me an extra day on the front or backend of the challenge. This year, I decided to begin by straightening up the studio, taking stock of supplies and reviewing last year’s work.

During the growing season I work full time as a garden designer (you can visit my other website here). Spring through fall, my time is primarily occupied by landscape design projects and the physical demands associated with installations. However in New England, landscape design work is seasonal. During the months of January, February and March, my focus shifts back to the studio, and I become a full time artist, once again.

Although the goal of Thirty-in-Thirty is simply to spend thirty straight days in the studio, traditionally, this is an extraordinarily productive time period. During the month of January, I commit to logging a daily entry on this journal, as a method of personal accountability.

Because I work in a solitary environment during this time period, I’ve come to value online feedback from friends. Have a question or comment… A musical suggestion or an exhibit you think I might love to explore? I look forward to your input, encouragement, critiques and ideas. Thank you for following along!

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