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Thirty-in-Thirty, Day Eight: Winter Pool V

day eight ⓒ 2013 michaela harlowWinter Pool V ⓒ 2013 Michaela Harlow – 17″ x 14″ – Pastel & Pencil on Paper

The past twenty four hours have been particularly busy, and I got a bit of a late start in the studio today. I have a few garden design consultations going on —clients preparing for spring projects— which will occupy a few hours each morning for the next week or so. I did find time (barely) for a late afternoon flight above the valley yesterday.

Today’s piece was inspired by another walk in the hemlock forest. Warmer days have opened frozen pools and the slightest breeze ripples sunlit meltwater. Mesmerizing patterns form in the bright light.

Meanwhile, inside the studio, it looks pretty much like a typical January work week …

materialsThe worktable, filled with pastels, pencils, tape and sticky notes

photo 5 The drafting table has morphed into a storage spot for my stack of new work

work Older oil paintings —now dry— are being cleaned, labeled, boxed and stored

brushesThis old apothecary chest serves as a storage unit for tools, brushes, tubes of paint and clean rags. I also like to keep a few favorite rocks, sticks and other found objects to look at and play with.

Day Eight - Thirty-in-Thirty ⓒ 2013 michaela harlow Winter Pool V ⓒ 2013 Michaela Harlow – 17″ x 14″ – Pastel & Pencil on Paper

I’m snapping these photos on the fly, as I finish my work day. So, if the paintings look a little wavy, it’s because the paper is almost always still damp or even wet in spots (it’s fixative). Once the work is dry, I add it to the stack, separating layers with tissue. A bit of weight on top of the stack flattens the paper back out.

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