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Thirty-in-Thirty: Day Nine . . .

day nine of thirty-in-thirty ⓒ 2013 michaela harlowDay nine of Thirty-in-Thirty was a bit of a struggle. High winds knocked the power out here at about 5:30 am (fortunately, the coffee was on). With no electricity —read no lights— until mid-day, I was off to a late start in the studio.
I’m not quite finished with today’s piece; there’s still more to say. But I’m running out of daylight, and I want to document where I’m at before the sun goes down. Artificial light really doesn’t capture the colors in my work.
There are many layers in this piece, so it’s taking a bit longer to dry. I’m also drawing in “flecks” on each layer, which takes more time . . .
detail thirty in thirty ⓒ 2013 michaela harlow
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