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Thirty in Thirty, 2014: January Fog on the Cove

January_Fog_on_the _Cove:2014_Michaela_Harlow:Pastel_&_Pencil_on_PaperJanuary Fog on the Cove, 2014 – Michaela Harlow – 20″ x 15″, pastel & pencil on paper (24″ x 19″) 

The Connecticut River and its various coves, tributaries and inlets are favorite summertime haunts when I have time to put my boat in the water. In winter, Barton Cove in Massachusetts is often as beautiful —if not more so— than in the verdant season of summer. I love watching geese, swans, ducks, seagulls, hawks and eagles navigate the air and water in this protected place off the Connecticut River. In January, ice formations near the shoreline reflect light in a different way than open waters do; creating beautiful, contrasting texture and color bands. But for me, the real joy along this part of the river is the morning fog. Some days I think I could lose myself there for hours; watching the light shift and misty hues change from deep lavender to pink and gold. So hypnotic.

I’ve been taking dozens of photo notes there lately.

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