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Taking The Train & A Day In New York


I visited my friend Jeanne in New York last Saturday, and I had a wonderful time. I wish I’d made reservations to stay the entire weekend —I hope to eventually catch up with a number of friends in the city, and if I missed you this time I apologize, but promise to return very, very soon— but I needed to get back to VT for a couple of appointments early in the week, so this was just a day trip. One of my most important goals for 2014 is to get out of Vermont more often; to spend time traveling and exploring and to seek inspiration in new places, things and experiences. New York was a great place to start.


It’s been a long time since my last visit to New York. How long? I’ve been trying to figure that out exactly, but I think it’s been nearly a decade. In the past, I traveled to NYC frequently; usually by car or airplane. This was my first trip into the city by train, and it was ridiculously fun. Why did I wait so long to do this? Why do I always need to be in the driver’s seat? Sometimes it’s nice to just sit back and enjoy the ride —not to mention the view! I’ve always loved traveling by train in Europe —especially through Ireland— and it’s so much easier than dealing with the hassle of parking in the city. I took Amtrak from Union Station, New Haven, CT to Penn Station, NYC, and what an easy trip. The train ride alone filled me with visual inspiration!


I was surprised by how much I’ve forgotten about New York, but I couldn’t have asked for a better guide to the city than my friend, Jeanne. After stopping for cappuccino and scones, we made our way to the High Line —the highlight of this trip— which I’ve been dying to visit for years and years. I wasn’t disappointed. Even at winter’s end, it was starkly beautiful; all tousled blonde and burnished, blowzy remnants. Perfect in the brilliant light of a sunny, mid-March day. I can’t wait to return and see this living work of art in spring, summer and fall (when I imagine the show really peaks with all of the ornamental grasses and autumn foliage).

The_High_Line_New_York_City_michaelaharlow.com Beautifully Burnished Decay at The High Line

Situated above Chelsea with a view of the river, The High Line feels like a slice wild meadow in Manhattan. So many of the plants are native to North America, and almost all of them are species I’ve planted in my own garden and/or frequently use in my design work for others. I felt right at home. What a delight to see artwork and beautifully designed seating areas included in this walking park. High Line, I am in love.

Rubi_Neri's_Before_a_Framework_at_The_High_Line_New_York Rubi Neri’s ‘Before a Framework’ at the High Line


Lillith_at_Gitane_michaelaharlow.comThe Lillith at Cafe Gitane 

I’m already looking forward to to my next trip. Thank you so much for a great day, Jeanne. It was so good to see you and to be back in New York again.

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