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Willow’s Weep

Willow's Weep, 2014 - Copyright Michaela Harlow - michaelaharlow.comWillow’s Weep, 2014 – Michaela Harlow –  11″ x 9″ pastel on paper  (15″ x 11″)

Spring is doing its usual warm-cool, tease thing. Last night’s rain turned to sleet and then snow. I awoke to find two inches of winter coating the garden. But yesterday’s wanderings still swirl about in my memory. There was this moment along the water, when the willow wept; swirling sepia and chartreuse-streaked melancholy into the clay-colored riverbank. Something like ‘Willow’s Weep’.

Willow's Weep, in Progress, 2014 - Copyright Michaela Harlow - michaelaharlow.com Willow’s Weep, in process. Many layers of pastel; a painting pressed, pushed, etched, painted, scraped, sifted, sprayed, smudged and blasted into existence. Thank goodness for rugged paper.

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