Daily Archives: April 2, 2015

Visualizing Work in Site-Specific Installations

Glint,2014 - Michaela Harlow - 16 x 16 Glint, 2014 

Spending a bit of time in an art museum will get any artist thinking about how they display their own work. Going to visit the installation of Rothkos at the Harvard Art Museums solidified some ideas that have been bouncing around inside of my mind for some time now.

Very few museums and even fewer commercial galleries allow artists to weigh in on how their works are displayed. Fewer still allow the artist to install their own exhibits. Sometimes of course, it isn’t practical for an artist to direct the arrangement of a show. But more often, it’s more of a pragmatic decision. Over the years, I’ve had almost no say in how my work has been displayed at galleries, however the gallerists I’ve worked with have been both skilled and experienced with art installation.

Fortunately, I’ll have the chance to install not one but three solo exhibitions of my work this year. What a great opportunity to experiment!

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