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Forest Pools on Exhibit at 314 Harrison Avenue, Boston

Forest Pools announcement With my ‘Forest Pools’ on exhibit in Boston until May 24th, I’m trying to spend as much time as possible —particularly on Sundays— at Studio 314. It’s really good for me to see people looking at my work after so many years creating in solitude. It makes me wonder how I worked as a hermit artist for so long.

I show my work to share my experience. When someone stops to look for a very long time —asking questions or pointing out things that take thoughtful observation and reflection to see— I feel that I have succeeded. It’s a real gift to an artist to spend time with their work. I do not create my work to sell. I create it because I have something to express. I paint because I want to paint. Yes, I need to sell my work in order to continue in the studio full time, but as everyone following this blog is well aware, I would keep painting no matter what. I took a break from my landscape design work in order to get back to showing, and I’ve quickly decided that no matter what, I must continue. I paint to share. I need your eyes.

Thank you for spending time with my work.

 IMG_0743.JPGLooking at People, Looking at Art

IMG_0733.JPGMother’s Day at 450 Harrison Ave, Suite 314 .



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