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Field Notes & Sketchbook Pages

Michaela Harlow, Field Notes from the Sketchbook, Pastel and Graphite A trio of early morning sketches from my notebook (15″ x 12″ on handmade paper/click to enlarge)

As these late winter days grow longer and warmer, I find myself lingering out doors. I cherish early morning walks through the forest; watching the sky light up, all peach-pink-fuchsia between tree trunks along the ridge line.

I’m constantly sketching and making photos, but these days I rarely post pages from my notebook. Most of the time, I upload images to Instagram, Twitter or on my Facebook profile. App editing tools on my iPhone make it so much easier to crop and watermark images, but writing is still something I prefer to do on my laptop. I’m going to try to get better about sharing them here on the journal. We’ll see how long that resolution lasts once things get really busy!

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Michaela Harlow / Overwintering / 2016 / 36 x 24 /Oil / Graphite / Polychromos Pencil on PanelOverwintering, 2016, Oil/Graphite/Polychromos Pencils on 36″ x 24″ Wood Panel

Settling back into the studio again after a bit of a break. Spent time sanding and gessoing bigger panels and visiting other artists’ exhibits in Stowe, VT, Dartmouth, NH and Brattleboro, VT. Truly enjoyed Intimacy & Materiality at the Helen Day Art Center …Especially Sarah Amos’ work (I’m a longstanding fan). I’ll post more about recent exhibits if I can find time. Currently I am diving headlong back into it; crazy in love with creating larger work. Feels good to be back here in the studio.

Michaela Harlow / Overwintering in process Overwintering, in process 

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New Look for the Homepage . . .

For the past couple of weeks or so, I’ve been focusing my energies on behind-the-scenes work. The tasks-at-hand have been the preparation of small, plywood panels for oil painting and updates to the main website: re-formatting, editing and uploading a selection of images to the site’s homepage. A group of works on paper —dating from 2012-2014— are featured in a revolving slide-show format. I will be creating different slideshow galleries of work on paper, panel, etc. and rotating the homepage exhibit throughout the year. Let me know what you think of the new look. Simultaneously, I am working behind the scenes on a gallery-style program with price lists and availability. This will be linked to Paypal and future gallery sites for collectors to make a purchase/place a deposit, or order prints when available.

I’m also in the process of selecting images for spring mailers. Some of you may recall these cards from past shows and open studio events. Do you have a favorite painting that you would like to see featured on a card? I plan to print at least four this year —featuring perhaps two oils and two pastels— and I’d love your input on the selection!

panel_prep...New birch panels being assembled with floating, back frames

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Priming Panels & Buying Fresh Flowers

priming panels in the studioThe scent of fresh hyacinth blossoms makes even the most mundane of studio tasks —priming and sanding panels this week— seem like a special event

Though the days are getting longer and lighter —and thankfully, clocks spring forward over the weekend— this long, cold winter just keeps hanging on. And with walkways and a drive frozen solid with glare ice, it’s hard to get outside for a walk, never mind a hike or run.

There’s so much to do in the studio right now, and that little bit of motivational, morning exercise is sorely missed.  In order to stay focused during the more mundane days and grey weather, I continue to invest in fresh flowers. This week’s selection: hyacinth. The soft, sweet fragrance helped push me through the first wave of panel priming today. Smalls are all set and ready for back frames, and now it’s time to get started on some larger sizes. Thank goodness for flowers.


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