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Vernal Pool II / 2008 / 16″ x 32″/ oil on panel



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the sounds of amphibious creatures…



Vernal Pool  I  / 2008 / oil on panel  /  16″ x  32″

(sorry this piece has been sold) 

Yesterday I had the nicest studio visit with Rob and Katherine Silvan, (and their beautiful nine month old son).  Katherine absolutely thrilled me with her reaction to this painting. Every once in awhile, someone will say or do something that just knocks me out with happiness.  This was one of those times. Katherine really connected with my boggy experiences, (the moment of inspiration was timed to spring peeper season earlier this year), in and around vernal pools.  To her, this piece was all about amphibious creatures, and she couldn’t help but express herself in the most spontaneous way. I love it when someone looks at one of my paintings and gives me the unexpected gift of an open and unguarded response.  

Thank you Katherine !  



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