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Morning Letters

Michaela Harlow, Morning Letters, 2015, Oil and Graphite on 12" x 24" Wood PanelMorning Letters, 2015, Oil & Graphite on 12″ x 24″ Wood Panel

 It’s been a busy month-and-a-half in and out of the studio, and I’ve some catch-up work to bring things up-to-date here on my journal.

Lots of new work in progress —mostly smaller pieces for a group show (and my last, scheduled exhibit for awhile), in Boston— and lots of gallery-hopping to look at art. I’ve also been juggling a few autumn garden design projects, and look forward to a quiet winter spent painting large-scale in my studio.

As my friend Jeanne pointed out earlier today, this piece, ‘Morning Letters’, is begging to grow. It’s a 12′ by 24′ painting, living in a 12″ x 24″ body. Where can I possible work at that scale? Maybe a hangar.


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