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Thirty in Thirty, 2014: Ripple Effect

Ripple Effect, 2014 – Michaela Harlow – 16″ x 32″, oil on panel Do you know how, when you open a bottle of champagne —or in my case proscecco— you have to either finish it […]

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Thirty-in-Thirty: Day Eleven . . .

Where the Wind Took Them ll ⓒ 2013 Michaela Harlow 17″ x 14″, Pastel, Charcoal & Pencil on Paper A very grey morning today, and a very early start. After a break yesterday evening, I returned […]

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Thirty-in-Thirty, Day Six: Winter Pool III

Winter Pool III â“’ 2013 Michaela Harlow - 14″ x 17″ – Pastel & Pencil on Paper Early start again this morning —my feline muse awoke me at 4:30 am— which was a bit inconvenient as […]

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New Work on Paper: Tsuga Triptych…

Tsuga I â“’ Michaela Harlow (Pastel on Paper) Tsuga II â“’ 2011 Michaela Harlow (Pastel on Paper) Tsuga III â“’ 2011 Michaela Harlow (Pastel on Paper) The Tsuga series… Here is the complete triptych. I […]

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