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Still Life with Frozen Branches

Michaela Harlow, Still Life with Frozen Branches, 2016, Oil and Graphite on 3 x 2 foot panelStill Life with Frozen Branches, 2016, Oil and Graphite on 3′ x 2′ Wood Panel (click all the way through to enlarge image)

Wayward hemlock branches —knocked loose by winter storms— inspire as they emerge within melting, woodland pools. Here and there, bits of the past glimmer in sunlight.

Michaela Harlow, Still Life with Frozen Branches in Process

 This piece has more than 5 layers of paint. Methods used include oil wash, painting with brushes, scraping, drawing with graphite and drawing/painting with oil stick.

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Winter Sings a Song to Springtime

Michaela Harlow, Winter Sings a Song to Springtime, 2016, 3' x 2', oil and graphite on panel Winter Sings a Song to Springtime, 2016, Oil & Graphite on 3′ x 2′ Wood Panel (click image to enlarge)

Spring is in the air and the light is changing. Migratory birds are everywhere, filling the morning with a cacophony of sweet sound. Sheets of ice melt away beneath the warmth of late winter sun, mirroring a change of season. The time has come for rebirth and renewal

Winter sings a song to springtime. A sweet, sad song; filled with melancholy notes of lonliness and longing. A song of anticipation and surrender. A beautiful goodbye.

Michaela Harlow, Painting Process Two A peek at my process on this time-consuming piece

Painting large-scale, layered oil paintings takes up large blocks of time and space. Finding a span of uninterrupted days can be challenging. However in late winter, with icy/snowy/muddy roads to contend with, it’s a little easier to carve out time in my schedule and hunker down in the studio. But space? Oh space. Working on the floor has many advantages, but walking around is not one of them. I thought I’d give a bit of a peek at my process in this post (images previously posted on Instagram with many related photos of melting ice along the river).

I am very pleased with this piece and expect to continue on this series over the coming weeks.

Michaela Harlow, Painting Process This piece began with sheer layers of orange and grey-violet oil paint. Once dry, graphite drawing began, followed by layers of opaque white oil. Between layers I scrape back to reveal patches of the underpainting and then add more paint and drawing to the top. The process mirrors freeze-thaw, and the passage of time.

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Where the Wind Took Them

Where the Wind Took Them, 2015, copyright Michaela Harlow, 24x36, oil on panel,Where the Wind Took Them, 2015 – Michaela Harlow- 24″ x 36″, Oil on Panel

Chance. Fate. Destiny. Is it all random or is there some kind of order? Perhaps it’s a combination of things. Seed scattered on the wind becomes a stand of trees. Those seeking shelter will sometimes settle in. The restless and hungry always seem to move along.

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Thirty in Thirty, 2014: Fractured Beech ll

Fractured-Beech, 2014:Michaela_Harlow:Pastel_on_Paper:michaelaharlow.comFractured Beech II, 2014 - Michaela Harlow – 15″ x 20″, pastel & pencil on paper (19″ x 24″)

Winter returned today; giant, pom-pom snowflakes, swirling like madness outside my windows. Unable to find clear ice, I spent the early morning looking over my frozen puddle snapshots to help refresh my memory. Although my paintings look quite different from my photographs, they often assist my process. Quick snapshots serve as excellent field notes; helping me recall detail or feeling after days, months or even years pass. Sometimes my visual notes assist with composition, fine details, mood or color. As I learn more and more about photography and creative editing, I find the relationship between these two forms of expression is becoming blurrier and blurrier.

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