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Thirty-in-Thirty: Day Eleven . . .

Where the Wind Took Them II ⓒ 2013 Michaela HarlowWhere the Wind Took Them ll ⓒ 2013 Michaela Harlow 17″ x 14″, Pastel, Charcoal & Pencil on Paper

A very grey morning today, and a very early start. After a break yesterday evening, I returned to the studio and started work on a second piece. I was thinking about it when I woke up, so I returned to the studio before first light. It’s such a luxury to work this way; time I can only afford in winter.

Freezing rain coated the mountaintop overnight. Now that light is penetrating the low clouds, I see that although the ice is melting, pine trees are still drooping beneath the weight. Outside, the only sound I hear is dripping water and the clucking of wild turkey.

where the wind took them - day eleven ⓒ 2013 Michaela Harlow

Where the Wind Took Them ll ⓒ 2013 Michaela Harlow 17″ x 14″, Pastel, Charcoal & Pencil on Paper

I’m starting on another piece now, but I need to stop work earlier than usual today, so today’s additional efforts will form the base for tomorrow’s work. I dreamt of color —lots of it. Neutral tones —rust, brown, blonde, umber, grey and white— dominate the outside world right now. Winter is all about light and shadow, line and geometry; form, pattern and texture. When I’m out walking or driving, and I stumble upon color —a tangle of purple brambles, colorful twigs, bright green moss or brilliant orange lichen— it really stands out. I noticed this particularly when I am out flying and light illuminates tree tops, barns, stubbly fields; momentarily lighting them up in a blaze of color.

I posted photos from my late afternoon flight over the valley on my other blog, The Gardener’s Eden, here.

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