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Thirty in Thirty. Day Nineteen: Inspiration – Japanese Art in Nature…

Thirty in Thirty. Work in Progress. 16″ x 16″. Oil and oil bar on panel.

A close up of the drawing and textural detail in this piece.


Art does not exist in a vacuum. I am continuously influenced by other artists and their work. In October of 2009, I went to see “Through the Seasons: Japanese Art in Nature” at The Clark Institute in Williamstown, MA. This incredible exhibit included both two and three dimensional artwork inspired by nature. The show has stayed with me –emotionally and intellectually– for a year and a half, and I find bits of Asian influence are still showing up in my drawing and painting. The piece I’m working on today is in direct dialogue with memories I took away from that experience. The Japanese ink paintings (on silk, from the Eighteenth an Nineteenth centuries) were particularly inspirational. While richly detailed, much of the artwork from the exhibit could also be described as abstract. The textured sculptural work —unfortunately not shown on the Clark’s website— made quite an impression. I hope to see more contemporary, Japanese sculpture soon.

Today it is snowing and raining, and I am listening to Satie.

Morning Glories by Suzuki Kiitsu (19th Century) —on loan from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York— was on view as part of the exhibit. I enjoyed all of the paintings —particularly the cherry blossoms on silk— but some of my favorite works included modern, three dimensional pieces.


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