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Scribbled Dahlias 

IMG_2175.JPGScribbled Dahlias, 2015 – Graphite, Charcoal and Chalk Pastel on 30″ x 48″ Paper

Last night I took my artist out on a date. I had a leftover gift certificate to Magpie in Greenfield, MA —perfect amount for one. Recently, I signed a contract to place my work in a new corporate collection. That hasn’t happened since before the Great Recession and I am deeply grateful both for the opportunity and the income provided by the forthcoming sale.

As I sat enjoying my blueberry/peach tart and glass of white wine last night, I marveled at the miracle of modern art consulting. Here I am, a Vermont artist working in the middle of deep forest, selling work to a resort/spa in San Diego, California. The world changes so quickly and yet, happily, so many things remain the same. Thank you, Corey Mercy.

Thank you also to Conswella Moore, Eve Leons and Hannah Blount. I deeply appreciate your support as I venture into the botanical world with this new series of scribbly, energetic drawings. And once again, how amazing to share work with an enthusiastic, online audience from the quiet of a tiny, forested studio.

IMG_2180.JPGScribbling, In Progress

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