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Thirty in Thirty. Day Twenty One: The Heart of the Matter…

Forested Landscape. Low Light. Under painted wash, oil bar drawing, layers, scraping, new layers. I’m really working to keep that bit of light at the heart of the matter. The heart at the center of something dark and moody.

Yes, the heart of the matter. Thirty in Thirty is proving to be quite an exercise. First of all, I realize how some of you have interpreted “thirty in thirty” to mean thirty works in thirty days. But, actually, the idea was thirty studio blog-posts in thirty days – signaling thirty studio days and thirty days of art-making in a row. But, I realize I have been posting something new here almost everyday, which probably reinforces that notion. Right? Right.

Well, in truth, it almost always takes more than one day to make a painting. And it usually takes more than one day to make a drawing. The piece posted here today is a perfect example. I almost always paint in layers and it takes awhile for each layer to dry. So, there are a number of paintings ‘in process’ at all times. This month I am finishing a number of older paintings, continuing with several works-in-progress, and starting new pieces almost every day.

So far, Thirty in Thirty is turning January into an extraordinarily productive month. In fact, I can hardly move around the studio. I need to make more space for all of these wet, semi-dry and finished paintings!

Thanks for following along and thanks for the moral support!

Today’s soundtrack is Susana Baca, Eco de Sombras


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