Prime Time in the Studio

priming panelsWood panels with attached, floating back frames in large and small sizes are being primed this week

Another productive week in and out of the studio as March slides into April. Several trips to the lumber supply store for larger sized wood panels and back support material, followed by construction, sanding and priming. Bridge matting continues with the more challenging vertical format pieces. Although the pieces within each series tend to have similar dimensions, not every series is the same. Some pastels are slightly longer or wider, necessitating custom cuts.

More bridge matting of thirty-in-thirty work Meanwhile, bridge matting continues with the more challenging vertical format pastels 

I’ve had many requests for studio visits over the winter months and with this in mind, plans for a late spring/early summer open studio are in the works. I’m currently selecting an image for a mailer card to announce this small, private event to friends/fans/collectors, and other cards to announce late summer and autumn events.

travelOn My Summer, Work Travel List: The South and the South West

Tentative travel itineraries are also on my mind; with trips over the coming 12 months to Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Chapel Hill/Charlotte, Atlanta, Miami, Austin/Dallas/San Antonio, Santa Fe/Albuquerque, Los Angeles/San Francisco/Napa and possibly Seattle/Portland. Some of these destinations —particularly Chapel Hill, Atlanta and Santa Fe— are familiar places where I have exhibited my work successfully in the past. Other places —including Boston, New York and California— are places I knew well at one time and places where I still have many close friends. However Seattle and Portland are cities I’ve never visited and my travel there will require a great deal of advance planning. I’m very much looking forward to exploring opportunities for exhibits outside my area and am open to suggestions on where to go and what to see!

surface tension, 2008 - in the studio - copyright, michaela harlow - Surface Tension, 2008, oil on panel, 16″ x 16″, above the apothecary 

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