Seven Summers V

20140807-133709-49029960.jpg Seven Summers V, 2014 – Michaela Harlow – Pastel on Paper, 10″ x 15″

This week has been a real challenge. I have serious gremlins! Do you know about gremlins . . .Those mischievous creatures known to cause all sorts of mayhem with electronic and mechanical gadgets? Well, I have them.

My beloved Canon 5D Mark ii suddenly quit and gave me error code 30. Seems it’s a shutter issue, and it needs to make a trip to the Canon Repair facility for a week or more. This happened while I was out on a photo flight yesterday afternoon. The timing is, of course, terrible. Not only was I hoping to get some good, late summer aerials, but more importantly, I’m trying to document all of my new work as I go along and send off high resolution files to galleries, consultants and printers. But, until the Canon 5D returns, I am limited to iPhone 5s photos. That’s mostly what I upload online anyway, so there shouldn’t be any kind interruption to my blog postings, but the equipment down-time is causing quite a bit of havoc behind-the-scenes. Fingers crossed that all goes smoothly and swiftly with the repair. Gremlins be GONE!

Seven Summers V. Pulled from walks at water’s edge; sunlight and ripples, bear grass and reflected branches. The summer of here and now and summers long gone by . . .

20140807-133730-49050696.jpg Seven Summers V, in progress

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