Sweet Pond ll

IMG_7770.JPG Sweet Pond II, 2014 – Michaela Harlow – Pastel on Paper, 10″ x 15″

Oh what a hot and hazy start to the first week of September.  It’s still summer out there!

I’d planned to switch over to oils this week; working some of my recent pastels on a larger scale. But the weather has other plans. Humidity and oil paint aren’t a good combination for me, so I’m holding off for a bit. Once I start I feel like I will be carried away by a great wave of work and I need to block off the time. There’s so much to be done!

Sweet Pond II. Ripples. Light. Lobelia, Joe Pye, Milkweed, Loosetrife and Reeds.

IMG_7776.JPG Process

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