Song of the Solstice

Michaela Harlow, Song of the Solstice, 2015 Oil, pencil and graphite on wood panel Song of the Solstice, 2015, Oil, Pencil and Graphite on 12″ x 12″ Wood Panel

I always forget how much of a struggle it is to get things done on these short days and lately, the lack of daylight has been compounded by foggy, rainy, overcast weather. I love the mood, but find myself frustrated by abbreviated work hours. I need my work as much as I need the sun.

But the solstice is here and although the change is slow in coming, daylight hours will soon begin to grow.

Michaela Harlow, Song of the Solstice in ProgressChasing shafts of light through the forest on these short, dark days

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