Black Birch Cross

Michaela Harlow, Black Birch Cross, 2015, Oil, Graphite and Pencil on Wood Panel Black Birch Cross, 2015, Oil, Graphite and Pencil on 12″ x 12″ Wood Panel

Yesterday’s snow storm turned into more of an ice event: beautiful and treacherous. I awoke to find trees and shrubs covered with some of the most incredible hoarfrost —long, spiky and thorn-like— that I’ve ever seen. Early outdoor explorations proved somewhat daunting, though. I spent more time on the ground than standing up and driving into town to run errands was out of the question.

I put my camera away and spent the day working on a small piece inspired by a recent hike along a nearby ridge line. Later, after more gritty precipitation made walking possible, I went back out to explore before nightfall.

Black Birch Cross in Progress Work in progress

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