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Forward March: New Month, New Goals & Schedule

Last_Leaves_Triptych_Part_One_copyright_Michaela_Harlow_michaelaharlow.comLast Leaves Triptych, Part I, 2011 – 16″ x 16″, pastel on paper (24″ x 19″)

As March begins, and my email inbox begins to fill with garden design requests and myriad other responsibilities, the need for a solid studio schedule and clearly defined boundaries is becoming more and more critical. In 2014, my first priority is my artwork. In order to reach this year’s goals, I need to set aside specific studio days to continue painting and additional days for attending to professional tasks (such as maintaining this website and blog). I also need to schedule days outside the studio to travel and explore; to see other artist’s work and research exhibition opportunities. I am planning to devote two to three days out of every Sunday through Wednesday, to art this year. And at least one of those four days will be reserved for recharging my creative batteries.

 ‘Saturday Smalls’ blog posts will continue through March 20th. Thereafter, Sunday will become a studio journaling day, for the remainder of this month. Wednesdays will become my second, dedicated posting day, from this week onward. If this schedule works, my plan is to continue posting on Sundays and Wednesdays, throughout the spring and summer months. Weekend blog posts will feature new work, and mid-week postings will vary in theme. Gilded Remnants I, 2013 -16″ x 16″, pastel on paper (24″ x 19″)

Today’s post gives a little peek at my recent, behind-the-scenes work. Beyond painting, panel cutting, priming, mat cutting and supply ordering, the somewhat daunting task of cataloging three years of artwork has been consuming many hours. I many cases, I am re-photographing paintings or resizing/formatting photos, cataloging and watermarking images, and checking sizes and dates for accurate inventory on this site. I’m also still pricing work. There’s so much to do. Eventually, the main part of the website will have a new look and complete gallery pages. Today’s post offers a peek at some of the reformatted images from the collection of artwork available here at the studio. Green Mountain Slope, 2012 – 20″ x 15″, pastel on paper (24″ x 19″)

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Saturday (Sunday) Smalls: March Reflections

March_Reflections_copyright_2014_michaelaharlow March Reflections, 2014 – Michaela Harlow – 11″ x 9″ pastel on paper  (15″ x 11″)

Saturday Smalls special pricing through March 20, 2014: $475 (bridge matt & shipping included)

Saturday smalls on Sunday? Well, this week, yes. I ran into some technical difficulties with my internet connection and couldn’t upload this image. So here we are, just a wee bit late.

I’m happy to see the seasons change, but at the same time, I’m incredibly nervous about maintaining balance between my work as a garden designer and my life as an artist. I am committed to establishing regular studio hours this spring, and need to develop skills for holding strong boundaries.

March Reflections - studio worktable

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Saturday Smalls: Encased Vines

Encased_Vine_copyright_2014_michaela_harlow_michaelaharlow.comEncased Vines, 2014 – Michaela Harlow – 11″ x 9″ pastel on paper  (15″ x 11″)

Saturday Smalls special pricing through March 20, 2014: $475 (bridge matt & shipping included)

Another in the ongoing ‘Winter Vines’ series, this piece came to me after I found a large section of tangled remnants fallen into frozen meltwater. The freeze-thaw process leaves sections of vines and leafy remnants visible, and other parts clouded or concealed by snow and sleet-crusted layers. Beautiful to explore when the temperatures are warm enough as they are this weekend. Perhaps spring is not so far away, after all.

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Saturday Smalls: Peach Remains

peach_remains_2014_copyright_michaela_harlow_pastel_on_paper_michaelaharlow.comPeach Remains, 2014 – Michaela Harlow – 12″ x 15″, pastel on paper (14″ x 17″)

Saturday Smalls special pricing through March 20, 2014: $475 (bridge matt & shipping included)

Stormy. That is the word of the week here in New England. How much new snow fell on Thursday night and Friday morning? Reports are somewhere around 20″, but I stopped counting after the first pass with my plow truck on Thursday evening. It took most of Friday to dig out. Back-to-back blizzards have made for limited progress in my studio.

Still, a trip to Home Depot yielded a full sheet of birch plywood and a backroad route provided fresh, landscape inspiration. I am gessoing 12″ x 12″ panels for new, small works on board, and today was a perfectly satisfactory studio day. With this much fresh powder on the ground, woodland walks will now require snow shoes (hooray!). And next week I will be venturing out of the area on a few field trips (postponed by last week’s inclement weather), which I’m very much looking forward to.

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