Saturday Smalls: Encased Vines

Encased_Vine_copyright_2014_michaela_harlow_michaelaharlow.comEncased Vines, 2014 – Michaela Harlow – 11″ x 9″ pastel on paper  (15″ x 11″)

Saturday Smalls special pricing through March 20, 2014: $475 (bridge matt & shipping included)

Another in the ongoing ‘Winter Vines’ series, this piece came to me after I found a large section of tangled remnants fallen into frozen meltwater. The freeze-thaw process leaves sections of vines and leafy remnants visible, and other parts clouded or concealed by snow and sleet-crusted layers. Beautiful to explore when the temperatures are warm enough as they are this weekend. Perhaps spring is not so far away, after all.

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