Thirty in Thirty. Day Fifteen: Inspiration…

Work in progress: currently playing with tones, textures and layers –building and stripping back— to create light and depth; time and feeling.

Objects hanging around the studio sometimes serve as a springboard: the colors of a conch shell, the weave of a basket…

Sometimes I will spend quite a bit of time studying texture, line and color. Living things overwinter in my studio… I particularly like this hair grass.

Recently completed pieces: “Cat’s Paws” and “Frozen Time” hanging side by side in the studio hall.

Having my current series and related pieces hanging on the wall —side by side— helps me to find my train of thought and keeps my feelings moving. It’s a bit like listening to a guitar riff, or the rhythmic line of a poem, and then building upon it. Painting and music and poetry have quite a bit in common, I think; music and painting especially.

Friends sometimes send me links to songs. I love that. My friend Jennifer is particularly good at finding music that speaks to both her, and to me. She recently introduced me to Peter Broderick’s music, and thought I would like his song Pulling the Rain. She was right… I love it. Actually, I’m pretty crazy about the whole CD, “How They Are”, which I bought on impulse. I think it’s beautiful, sad and true. Pulling the Rain feels like a painting to me, and I think it’s already inspiring one. Thank you Jen.


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