Thirty in Thirty. Day Twenty Two: Running Low on Turpentine…

work in progress – 16″ x 32″ – oil and oil bar on panel (it’s getting a little dark in the studio)

same piece as above, a couple of hours later

When you work in the studio for twenty two days straight some interesting things begin to happen. And, some mundane things happen too. Today I realized that I am running low on a whole bunch of stuff: distilled turpentine, gesso, base white and clear oil bar (blender sticks). It looks like I need to order some things and make a supply run – soon. Be prepared for a shopping post! Warning: that may involve complaining, because I do not have a Pearl Paint nearby (my favorite store) and I don’t really like shopping (except at Pearl Paint).

The piece I’m working on right now is 16″ x 32″ … part of the long running Still Waters series. It feels light and reedy at the moment. I’m almost ready to start scraping, but need my blender bars on hand first.

Today’s Soundtrack is a no-vocal Max Richter mix. Vladimir’s Blues and Written on the Sky are two of my favorites. Again, thanks to Jen. I knew Max’s music from the film Shelter Island, but neglected to explore it further until Jen sent me a link. Know music I might love? I listen to music all day long and me ears are always hungry for more. Please pass along your recommendations.


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