Thirty in Thirty. Day Twenty Four: A Sad Day. Ice Painting Series

Untitled within the Ice Painting Series – 24″ x 24″ – Oil, Oil Bar and Wax on Panel

The Ice Painting Series is a long-running, multi-layered series. I posted another piece, ‘Frozen Time’, from the series earlier this month. Currently, I’m working on larger pieces with oil wash and oil bar drawing at the base, semi-transparent and opaque layers in the mid-layer and heavier, textured impasto at the top. Some parts are scraped away to reveal the drawing beneath, and in some places, they are left as a mere hint.

I only worked a short time this morning in the studio.

A friend from Jumptown was killed in a BASE jumping accident in Switzerland this morning. It came as quiet a shock to all of us within the small aviation/skydiving community.  To watch a gifted athlete doing what they love to do, and doing it with breathtaking skill, is a beautiful thing. Goodbye Gary, you and your contagious smile will be sadly missed by many. May your skis be forever blue as you fly so free…

David Gray’s “Freedom” spoke to me on this sad day.



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