Thirty in Thirty: Sunlit Veneer

Sunlit Veneer, 2014, Michaela Harlow - michaelaharlow.comSunlit Veneer, 2014 – Michaela Harlow – 32″ x 16″, oil on panel

January thaw. Things are stirring, emerging from the earth. Bubbles pop beneath the crackling ice. Suddenly the monochromatic landscape has taken on brilliant, jewel-like hues. Turquoise, jade , emerald, moss and sulfur-hued, semi-frozen, crackling, ice-bubble pools. And when sunlight hits the edges —paper-thin, ice veneers— pure pink-gold magic. It’s alive out there and I’m finding it nearly impossible to remain indoors.

Running out of daylight, I snapped a quick photo of today’s not-quite finished, but essentially complete work. I need to do just a bit more scuffing …Nothing major.

Sunlit Veneer. Trust me, it’s worth spending an hour outdoors to watch and listen to the movement of the living ice.

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  1. Jen January 14, 2014 at 7:17 pm #

    I feel like I don’t see many of your works in this format – the vertical rectangle. Maybe I’ve just missed them along the way. You’ve used it so well here. I see the sunlight blasting off of the ice on the lower right hand corner. Really, really nice.