Thirty in Thirty, 2014: Ebb & Flow

ebb & flow - copyright michaelaharlow.comEbb & Flow, 2014 – Michaela Harlow - 20″ x 15″, pastel & pencil on paper (24″ x 19″) 

The broader landscape has been calling my name lately, and I feel the need to respond to its luminous, misty presence. There’s just something irresistible about backlit fog. Today, however was far from mild and milky. An arctic cold-blast has returned to New England and I am holed up inside the studio again.

On these cold, cold days, my mind often wanders off to golden light and warm colors.

ebb & flow in the studio -

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  1. Jen January 22, 2014 at 6:23 pm #

    In Maine I’ve seen islands that look like they’re floating above the ocean on a cloud. There’s some kind of technical term for it, some nerdy meteorological language, but I don’t remember it. Floating Islands. I think it’s also a classic French dessert. Your painting made me think those floating islands. (not the dessert). It feels hushed. Hidden.

  2. Michaela January 22, 2014 at 6:28 pm #

    Fog on the water is one of my favorite things. It softens sounds and hard lines. Hushed is exactly right. Calm. Quiet. And when the light pours through that fog in the morning —especially in winter— it’s just incredible. Now I want dessert.