Long & Short Goodbyes: Letting Work Out of the Studio

slow river, 2008, 12 x 12 oil on panel, michaela harlow, 2008 Slow River, 2008

Things have been changing rapidly here at the studio over the past six months. After not showing my artwork for a period of years, I began exhibiting again in December of 2014 and have been showing every month since. Although I’m taking a short exhibition break during April, I’ll be back in Boston to hang my May show by the end of this month. Whew!

I am incredibly fortunate —and very grateful to my collectors— to have sold artwork every single month for the past nine months. It’s very satisfying to create work and then discover that the pieces speak to others as I’d hoped they would. It’s even more rewarding to be able to make a living doing what I truly believe that I am meant to do and love doing, every single day. Thank you.

photo Slow River, 2008 – Michaela Harlow – Oil and Oil Bar on Panel, 12″ x 12″

As I look over the body of work created over the past few years, it occurs to me that in addition to letting work go, that I’d also like to set aside pieces to remain here in the studio with me for a bit longer. I find that having a few pieces on display here helps me to think through a series and retain my train of thought. It’s a bit like re-reading the last chapter of a story after setting down a novel for a week or two.

 Artwork looks so different, outside of the controlled studio environment. In order to think about how I might arrange pieces in my next exhibit, I’ve been moving older pieces around the house this week and photographing them in everyday situations. The way the paintings look and feel changes with each room’s ambient light & surroundings. The pieces communicate differently & say a variety of things throughout the day. It’s fun —like having old friends over & talking about the latest news, while reflecting upon things we recall from our past.

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